Being a Pediatrician

November 23, 2013

A pediatrician will never have the same day twice. There is such a variety of different cases that you will see in the course of a day. Yes you will perform well child checkups daily, but each child is different.

Earlier when I was talking about my schooling, I touched a little bit on being and intern and resident. Interns and residents will for the most part work in a hospital setting. It is not until you are an attending that you would work in a practice.

For an attending a “normal” day starts out by rounding (rounding is when a doctor goes around to check on patients) at the hospital to see any of patients have been admitted or if there are any new babies. They will check up on how they are doing, and provide treatment if necessary. After that it is time to start patient appointments at the office. Pediatricians will se an a ray of patients during the day. Most will see patients between 9:00-11:00, take a lunch, and then start back up around 1:00 and hopefully end the day around 5:00. Sometimes a pediatrician might have to cancel appointments during the day to take care of an emergency, But for the most part will stick to this schedule. Now if a pediatrician is “on call” for the night then the day is not quite over. Being “on call” means you are the doctor everyone is going to call. You will get called into the ER, hospital, or get call from worried parents about their child’s health. If a pediatrician works in a practice with other doctors they will take terns being “on call”. But a doctor is never “on call” more than two nights a week.



November 25, 2013

I know I haven’t posted in a few days but that is because I have been researching why a child would be in the PICU and what goes on when the child is in the PICU. Children who are admitted into the PICU are children who need constant medical care and watch. The most common reasons for a child to be in the PICU are: organ failed, serious heart and or respiratory problems, burn victims, complications after a surgery, car accident victims, and chronically ill children.

Doctor in the PICU are some of the most well trained doctors in the hospital, and many have different specialties. Normally the PICU also has a great number of staffed nurses as well. You will see nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, social workers, clergy, pharmacists, child life specialists, physical therapists, and different types of physicians within a PICU working together as a unit. Each child within the PICU is treated by a team of doctor who look out for the child’s best interest. Because they work as a team doctors are able to get different opinions, and use there knowledge to help each child to the best of their abilities. Another great thing about this is that the child will alway have a member on staff willing to help. The reason the PICU is equipped with this type of personnel is to ensure that children are receiving the best medical care and to help the treatment of the children within the PICU.

The PICU is equipped with the best tools and instruments to help the child have the best chance for survival. Many of the children and family member get stressed out by the amount of machinery at each child’s bed side. A child can be hooked up to several machines at one time. Some of the machines and equipment are: Monitors (measure and record blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing), Lines (used to give medication or extract blood for testing), IV (gives fluids to the child), stent (A tube put in a vein to help keep it open), Nasal Cannula (A soft plastic tube with two prongs that are placed in the nostrils to deliver oxygen), NG tube (placed in the nose and leads to the stomach to give the child food or empty the stomach of its contents), Foley catheter (tube inserted into the bladder for collecting and measuring urine), ET tube (placed in the child mouth or nose to act as an air way to help the child receive the proper amount of oxygen). All of these tools are used to help the child even if they may seem scary. The doctors and staff are will train in how to use the equipment and are alway trying to think of ways to improve it.

Here is a picture of what a PICU room may look like: PICU-Open-House_Child-Bed2



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